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KATEL PSF Bamboo Fiber Babycot Mattress size 60cm x 120 cm

KATEL PSF Bamboo Fibre mattress

Breathable and washable baby cot mattress

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KATEL PSF Bamboo Fibre Mattress

Sweating while sleeping is a normal phenomenon in babies. It could be due to the temperature rise of a baby’s body when they stay in the same position for a long time. KATEL PSF Bamboo Fibre Mattress has various micro-holes in the cross-section of the fibre, therefore is exceptionally breathable and allows an enhanced airflow through it, enabling one to feel cool through the night, which is incredibly vital especially for us who are staying in a tropical country. It also provides insulation in a cold environment and provides warmth in cold temperatures.


    KATEL PSF Bamboo Fibre Mattress is filled with polyester staple fibre and benefits your children and our Mother Earth in ways including but definitely not limited to:

    *Bamboo Fibre is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable textile as it is made out of renewable resources, is biodegradable, and does not harm the bamboo plants.

    * Bamboo Fibre is hypoallergenic which will not trigger nose or skin irritations, and is naturally UV protectant, thus, significantly decreasing chances of skin cancer.

    * Bamboo Fibre is anti-bacterial, hence will not let dust, dust-mites and other allergens thrive inside.

    * Bamboo Fibre Mattresses are soft and comfy, and are washable.

    * Bamboo Fibre fits perfectly next to the human skin and does not cling onto it but flows lightly over the body instead, decreasing body static.

    *Bamboo Fibre contains amino acids that improve one’s energy balance and are beneficial for human skin.

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