Having difficulties cleaning your stroller or car seat? Look for us! We can provide Spa service to it. Click for more details.

Stroller Repair

At our stroller and car seats cleaning, each piece of gear is transformed to look and run like new! All detail services include our signature hand-wash (that’s right, we go deep!), tune up, lubrication and shine using only the finest Earth-friendly products and time-tested, bespoke, methods. We never cut corners and we have an unparalleled reputation for making mold, mildew, coffee, sickness and just about every other stain disappear.

Tune Up
  • Full stroller assessment
  • Comprehensive cleaning of fabric, seat frame, chassis, wheels
  • Check of suspension, axles, handle bars, buttons, etc
  • Check/adjustment of brakes
  • Buckles, fabric, canopy frame checked for damage
  • Lubrication of hinges, joints, wheels
  • Cleaning/lubrication of wheels
  • Tightening of screws
A La Carte Repairs
  • Tire change
  • Tire inner tube replacement
  • Brake & suspension check
  • Brake repair or replacement
  • Hinge lubricator
  • Stroller fabric change
  • Harness strap change & check
  • Wheel detailing cleaning, lubrication tire pressure check & fill