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KATEL PSF Anti Static Babycot Mattress size 70cm x 130 cm

KATEL PSF Anti-Static mattress

Breathable and washable baby cot mattress

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KATEL PSF Anti-Static Mattress

Children grow and develop rapidly, hence, it is crucial for them to get enough sleep to energize them for active movement and good health. Static electricity is a result of the imbalance of electrons and protons in our body, causing us to feel tension, discomfort and even anxiety. Therefore, anti-static mattresses benefit you and your baby by releasing negative charges from your bodies, removing body static.


    The KATEL PSF Anti-Static mattresses are filled with polyester staple fibre, which is incredibly breathable and durable. With the help of the innovative anti-static technology, it creates the best sleeping environments for your baby. Here are some of the key benefits of KATEL PSF Anti-Static Mattresses:

    *Anti-Static Mattresses allows less turning and tossing when sleeping, hence, it increases the quality of your baby’s sleep significantly.

    * Anti-Static Mattresses also contains some silk-eco fibres, allowing one to keep cool throughout the night, and its effectiveness is almost equivalent to cooling mattresses specifically designed only for cooling purposes.

    * Anti-Static Mattresses also repels dust successfully, decreasing irritation and discomfort.

    * Anti-Static Mattresses increases the quality of sleep, thus your baby will wake up feeling more refreshed, energetic, and will grow to be healthier.

    * Anti-Static Mattresses are eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials, that is manufactured through a sustainable process.

    *Anti-Static Mattresses sustains its useful and effective functions throughout its entire lifespan, and its effectiveness never decreases.

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