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KATEL Cool-Max Latex Babycot Mattress size 60cm x 120 cm

KATEL Cool-Max Latex mattress

Breathable and anatomical support baby cot mattress

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KATEL Cool-Max Latex Mattress

Children grow and develop rapidly, hence, it is crucial for them to get enough sleep to energize them for active movement and good health. 


The KATEL Cool-Max Latex mattresses are filled with 100% pure latex, which is incredibly breathable and durable. Here are some of the key benefits of KATEL Cool-Max Latex Mattresses:

*Cool-Max Latex Mattresses are made from 100% pure latex which provides best anatomical support when sleeping, hence, it increases the quality of your baby’s sleep significantly.

* Cool-Max Latex Mattresses also contains some cooling top layer, allowing one to keep cool throughout the night, the cooling feeling mattresses are specifically designed to ensure babies do not trapped hot thoughtout their sleep.

* FDA approved Cool-Max Latex Mattresses, with this listing, parents can confidently believes the mattress is safe and effective to your little one.

* Cool-Max Latex Mattresses are eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials, that is manufactured through a sustainable process.

* Cool-Max Latex Mattresses sustains its useful and effective functions throughout its entire lifespan, and its effectiveness never decreases.

* Cool-Max Latex Mattresses are hypoallergenic which is safe for sensitive skin babies. 

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